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Common Questions about Personal Injury Claims

How much do you charge for a personal injury case?
We don't charge the client directly; we only take a portion of what we can get from the other person's insurance company. It's a percentage of the other person's insurance. There's never any hidden charges, or any charge that comes from your pocket. The attorney's percentage is typically 1/3 of the amount recovered. If you have questions about attorney's fees, please call us toll free at 1-800-300-8561.

Do you take money from my car settlement as part of your fee?
No.  We are happy to help you get your car damage fixed or paid for at no extra charge, if you are our client.  If your car is a total loss, knowing the true value of your car can be important in getting properly compensated.  We can refer you to appraisers who can accurately determine the actual fair market value of your car.  We can also review your insurance to determine the best approach to solving your car damage problems.

Why do I need an attorney? Doesn't the law require the insurance to pay?
Yes and no.  The law says that the person that caused your accident is supposed to pay.  His insurance covers HIM – NOT YOU.  This means that his insurance company is not legally obligated to pay you until you prove your case in court.  Insurance companies only pay before that time if you can convince them that you can prove your case in court. Most people think they know how to do this, but they do not.  Often, they offer evidence that harms their own case.  That is why people call an attorney right away when they’ve been hurt in a car, truck, motorcycle accident, or if they’ve been hurt in some other way, such as by a defective product or a dangerous condition on someone’s property.

Won't the insurance company treat me fairly?
The bottom line is NO!  The bottom line to an insurance company is literally the “bottom line.”  They make money by paying you as little as possible.  And, remember their obligation is to the other driver, not you.  Also, the insurance company will only pay you when they believe that you can prove your case in court.  Only then will they pay you outside of court.

Why do you encourage people to call right away?
Aside from the possibility that you may say something to an insurance company that hurts your case, there are lots of good reasons to call, even if you’re not sure about getting an attorney. A frequent mistake people make is trying to guess “the size of your case.”  If you guess too small, you may be passing up real money.  If you guess too big, you can cause yourself major stress and waste your valuable time and money.  And if you delay seeing a doctor, it can have a major impact on your case, even to the point where the insurance will pay you nothing.  So don’t delay!  If you need help finding a doctor just give us a call. We are happy to help.

The Injury Law Center - Law Offices of Jack Bloxham gives FREE LEGEL ADVICE to accident victims, with no obligation; so why not get information on what to do next? You can save yourself a lot of headaches, time and trouble with just a phone call.

I don't have money to go to a doctor.  Can you help me?
Yes. We can help you find a doctor in your area, convenient for you to see, that will help you recover sooner.  The advantage to going to a doctor right away is that the worst part of your injury, the most painful and disabling part of your injury, will be fully documented by your doctor.  This is helps prove the severity of your injury to the insurance company.

How do attorney fees work in an injury case?
Most attorneys accept injury cases on a “contingency fee basis.”  This means that you do not pay the attorney by the hour as you go along with the case, but instead the attorney only gets paid if there is money at the end of the case.  Most people want a contingency fee because they don't have to pay any money out of their own pocket. A contingency fee can work to your advantage because you can get an attorney to take the risk of your case not working out. Although it may seem as if the other person's insurance will pay, you should know that insurance companies frequently refuse to pay full value if you are not represented, even with clear liability. Be sure to ask any attorney that you are considering, “If there is no money at the end of the case, will I owe you anything?”  Some attorneys ask you to pay the costs of the case if it doesn’t work out.  At the Injury Law Center – Law Offices of Jack Bloxham, we NEVER ask you to pay ANYTHING out of pocket.  If your case doesn’t work out, we take the loss, not you. If you have questions or suggestions on how to make the fee structure work better for you, you're welcome to call us to discuss alternatives.

What are case costs?
Case costs are amounts we pay to health care providers and others to get your records and other information necessary to prove your claim. There are no hidden costs or fees. All case costs are completely disclosed to you when your case is settled. We try to keep your costs as low as possible while at the same time developing all of the information appropriate for your case. For serious or more complicated injuries, the costs tend to be greater. In these kinds of cases there can be costs for investigators, accident recreation experts, doctor opinions, and other items that will substantially improve the results of your case. Costs also greatly increase if your case needs to be "brought to court."

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